Two fools and two dogs on the road, playing music and collecting awesome vintage stuff.

Welcome to our little collection of beautiful or (super cool) things we have found along our journey. We are Ruud & Romee (also known as Holi Fools). Together with our dogs Boef en Sno, we travel along in our green vintage Volkswagen van, play music, enjoy life and collect vintage items. Whenever we are not travelling, you will find us cuddling pigs and taking care of the food garden next to our self-build wooden yurt. In summer we park the van at festivals where we, again, play music, enjoy life and sell vintage items.
We aim to live without money, so if you see anything you like and have something cool to trade for it, don't be hesitant to send us a message.

We may be fools but we do have cool stuff for you. 

Go check it out.

Ruud en Romee